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When it’s time to take force - Call Tech Force Pest Control

Tech Force Pest Control is a family owned and operated and we look forward to becoming a part of your family and household name. At Tech Force Pest Control we like to take a personal approach to pest control. We understand each situation is different, so we spend time to understand your unique situation and recommend the best treatment solution for you.

Do you have unwanted guests taking up room in your loving home, yard or office space? Don’t waste your time and money on trying to control the problem yourself. Let Tech Force Pest Control take care of them for you! We work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide top-notch service, quality pest treatment and pest prevention techniques.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Tech Force Pest Control, we value our customers greatly. We have served customers in the area for nearly two decades and take great pride in helping people reach their pest control solutions. It’s because of this that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We promise our customers that they will be satisfied with our services, and we will not stop working until they are. This is the difference that Texans have learned to grow and trust over the years and is what helps set Tech Force Pest Control apart from corporate pest control agencies. You can rest assured that at Tech Force Pest Control, your concerns are our concerns.


Service Guarantee

Our company employs highly-trained technicians who have years of experience handling all sorts of rodents and pests in Texas. They understand the warning signs that these pests can leave behind and the methods that are most effective in eliminating them. However, their knowledge goes far beyond technical experience.

They are also well-versed at understanding customer needs. Our technicians have an inherent understanding that a pest problem is particularly concerning and troublesome. For that reason, Tech Force Pest Control offers a service guarantee. Our technicians will always work for you and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our level of service.


Phone: 469-405-6454

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